Fight Racism Now – A Global Effort to Put Anti-Racism on the Political Agenda. Stand Up 21 March 2014!

We’ve had enough. No more second and first class citizens. It’s enough. No more inequality because I am indigenous, black, Muslim, Asian, was born in a faraway land or have an accent. This is what we want. Societies that respect the inherent dignity and equality of people without discrimination. Equal rights, equal treatment, equal opportunities. Regardless of race, colour, ethnicity, religion or national origin. What do you want? Are you with us? “Fight Racism Now: Action Speaks Louder Than Words”.



This campaign began out of frustration. All over Europe patterns of everyday racism are very similar. And politicians are doing little to combat it. In addition, xenophobic politics are on the rise. Also in other parts of the world we see similar patterns of racism and a lack of political initiative.

The Swedish civil society organization Fight Racism Now (FRN) was born out of this frustration. The campaign has since grown to include Europe, North America, Latin America and South Africa. It is supported by the Open Society Foundations.

This campaign is a call to politicians and the general public to put anti-racism on the political agenda. It gives everyone an opportunity to sign a declaration of anti-racism, a list of political demands and to stand up for the petitions on the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 21 March 2014.

Please Join Us in Solidarity and use our collective voice to demand the UN and local governments hear our petitions and demands.

How you can help:
Sign the Petitions
Share on Social Media and through your networks
Attend Actions on 21 March 2014

Sign Petitions:
Find participating countries on the Fight Racism Now Global site
In the US, Sign Petitions here

Social Media – Please Share!
Fight Racism Now @FightRacism2014

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Fight Racism Now Global

USA Facebook Events
#FightRacismNowNewYork -A Global Event Against Racism March 21, 2014

Join Us! Attend the Actions!
on United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 21 March 2014.

Ralph Bunche Park
2 East 42nd Street – New York
21 March, 2014 17:00

Find More Info on Global Events on the Fight Racism Now site.

Manzana de las luces
Peru 274 Ciudad autonoma de Buenos Aires
March 21, 18:00
Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires
March 21, 20:00
Movimiento Afrocultura
Defensa 535, Monserrat
March 22, 15:00
San Francisco – La Paz
San Fransisco Church
March 21, 2014 10:30
Public Forum
2 Carlton St Suite 1001, Toronto
March 20, 6:30-7:30 PM
National Congress of Chile
March 19, 13:00
Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre
March 22, 13:oo
Avenue 2 NE, Guayaquil
March 17, 14:30
The National Congress of Ecuador
21 March, 14:30
Cultural Center Caucasus
81 Patision Street, Athens
Dáil Éireann – Leinster House
2 Kildare St, Dublin
21 March, 13:15
Radio show about the campaign at Ibero 90.9
Centro de Formación de la Cooperación Española
25 de Mayo 520, Montevideo
United States
LA - pending
Detroit- pending
Mynttorget in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm
March 21, 16:30
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