Fels Questionnaire Still Open – Please Contribute!

Dear friends and comrades,

We are some activists currently based in Berlin and New York. We are members of the political
group called „FelS“ For a left current. http://fels-berlin.de/, founded 1991 in Berlin, Germany.

FelS is part of the federal anti-authoritatian and undogmatic radical left network „interventionist
left“ http://www.dazwischengehen.org who was involved in organizing the „Blockupy“ action days
against the European Central Bank in Frankfurt in May 2012 (among other things as the blockades
aginst the G8 in Heiligendamm 2007, the anti-nazi-blockades in the city of Dresden 2010-2012,
anti-nuclear-actions of protective civil disobedience called „castor schottern“ in 2010 and 2011,
militant investigations, anti-racism and noborder actions, queer politics and so on). Blockupy will
take place in 2013 as well and that is the project we are involved in at the moment.

We are writing you because we believe that the social and political events happened in 2011 and
still continuing have been extraordinary. It has been a global uprising that transversed ordinary
people around the globe and have taken many different forms. The world, and especially the social
and antagonist movements striving to tranform it, will not remain the same as before. Maybe it was
the beginning of a new phase of global revolution whose further steps we might witness in the near

Therefore we came up with the idea to produce a handbook for us all in the movement. We want to
provide us all an overview of who we are, where are we in our struggle and how did we react
towards each other? We therefor want to ask you, activists from around the world, to respond to
some questions about the development of movements in your country/region in this crucial moment
of time. We think that right now tens of thousand of activists around the globe asking themselves
the questions stated below (or at least similar ones) and discussioning it in their groups, networks
and assemblies. But we think we should bring that discussion more in a public arena, we want to
share our ideas and views about what has happened and what is going on and what we could/should
do in future.

So we want to ask you to discuss and answer these questions and send them back to us. We are
planning to compare and evaluate the different answers and then, if we are able to handle it, contact
you again and ask for more information regarding some points. You can join the editorial team if
you want.

We are planning to make the results accessible by publishing it as a kind of (e-)book („The Global
Uprising“?) and/or a website, where further contributions and additional material could be gathered.
We would prefer contributions in English but are also thankful for articles in other languages and
will take care of translation. Unfortunately we cannot pay you – nor ourselves – for this effort. Our
motivation with this project and beyond is to strengthen exchange and cooperation on a global level
and therefore to contribute something to expand processes of mutual learning between movements
in different places and situations.
For the first step it is not necessary to answer all of the questions stated below. You also might just
pick a few ones as to your consideration. Maybe then you can tell us why you chose exactly these
questions and not other ones. You are also free to write an complete article about the issue or just
writing a few sentences in response to each (or some) of the questions.

Remember that this should be a handbook, so please send materials which you find important and
which are useful for the further struggle: websites, public mailinglists(listservs), youtube and
livestream channels, facebook groups, twitter accounts/hashtags, magazines, newspapers, tv/radio
channels allt those things which are important for the local and global movement. We should tell us
also which groups or organizations are in the movement, their contact details if they exist and so on.
And of course which struggles, ideas, campaigns, movement and organization building are
happening right now in your region.Deadline?

We would like to get a first feedback to globaluprising@riseup.net. We had a deadline in the first
draft of this Questionaire, which was 1st of April. But we decided to drop it. So you are still invited
to send us your answers!

We appreciate your effort and hope to stay in contact, comrades! The future is ours!
➔ What happened 2011-2012 in your country/ region and how did 2011/2012 change the
conditions under which you are trying to change things? Did it change the discourse of
means and aims of transforming society? If yes, in what way? What else changed and how
important is or was this change for political activism?
➔ How did struggles of the past (workers/ women/ civil rights/ neighborhood/ squatter/
autonomous movement/ ecologists of the 1968/ 1970ies/ 1980ies) influence the current
ones? What roles are they playing and in which regard?
➔ Which role did/ do the demands for “real democracy”/critique of representation“ play? In
what sense was the praxis of horizontalism present in your discussion and actions?
➔ Did/ Do debates on forms of organization take place? What role do forms of organization of
the past play in that debate?
➔ In what sense did you and other also previously organized activists react to /engage with
new forms and contents arising in the most recent movements?
➔ How do you estimate the influence of transnational communication and international
movements on your local level? What does international solidarity mean to you? Has 2011
and following change your piont of view in this regard?
➔ What role did technology (social media, internet in general, etc.) play? What is the role of
social spaces/ institutions of the common/solidarian economy/mutual aid?
➔ What can you say about the subjectivity/consciousness and the content of the debate of
ordinary people in general?
➔ In what way did everyday life change in society through the crisis/the movement(s)? What
did not changed at all? What has to be done for a sustainable change towards a better life?
➔ What was the reaction of the ruling class/establishment/journalist/politicians of 2011 and the
movements rising? What do you think how they might act/react in the future?
➔ Which are your strategies for future movement development, which claims/proposals arose
in the movements/in your collectives? What is your strategy/perspective for the
transformation of society? Did 2011 change or influence your strategies?

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