Occupy London’s Economics Working Group’s Little Book of Ideas, originally mooted in February, and financed by the GA in June, is finally here. (Writing, editing, typesetting, designing and printing are all things which seem to take a lot longer than expected).

What we have tried to do is produce a small handbook which explains complex economic terms and theories in laymans language, and so helps ordinary people to understand what has caused the economic mess, why it’s still continuing, and enable them to engage in the debate about what needs to be changed for the better in our economic system. It is NOT a manifesto, partly because Occupy is too diverse to produce such a thing, and also because the idea is to stimulate people to engage in discussion, and so to make up their own minds as to what they think should be done to create a better and fairer world.The book itself is now ready and will go on general circulation at events this Saturday 13th. Hopefully people like it, and ALL feedback will be gratefully received, and included in any future editions (and we’d certainly like to produce future editions).

Book is available by link from www.occupylondon.org.uk
or direct at

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