DNC Delegate Leaves Party, Joins Occupy After Forced Vote at Convention

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The Democrats decided to try to reinsert “God” and “Jerusalem” back into their platform with a voice vote during the DNC. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the convention chairman, asked for approval from the delegates, but was met with strong opposition. After asking three separate times, and still not receiving enough approval from the delegates, he still determined that those present had voted in favor.

For Daniel McKenzie, a young delegate from Minneapolis, this was the breaking point. He got up, left the convention, and came to find us protestors, who were in Marshal Park at the time. Once at the park, he did a mic check to tell all of us what had happened, and that he did not approve of it. He then told us that he was leaving the Democratic Party, and instead would be joining the Occupy movement. This was the point where he realized neither party was actually acting as a voice for the people, and that instead he needed to take to the streets with rest of us to voice our opposition to the corrupt system.

He joined us on our march on the DNC through the streets of downtown Charlotte, still wearing the suit and tie he had on for the convention.

Here is the video of his mic check at Marshal Park:

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