#DignityAtDarden #DayInMyShoes


Ever been a server at Darden restaurants or just want to support the growing movement of food service workers standing up to demand justice? Keep the conversation going with #DignityAtDarden.

Workers charge that Darden :
* Fired black servers because they did not “fit the company standard” at their Capital Grille fine dining restaurant in Chevy Chase, MD
* Makes employees work through their breaks, work off the clock, & work overtime without compensating them
* Does not provide paid sick days for their employees, so they can stay home when they are ill and not handle food served to customers. Some workers report being forced to work while sick.
* Overworks employees by forcing them to fill two or three different positions at the same time without any additional compensation
* Pays poverty wages as low as $2.13/hour for tipped employees and $7.25/hour, or $15,080, for non-tipped employees, while the CEO enjoys $8.5 million a year



Click Here to Sign the Petition Demanding Darden Give Their Employees a Seat at the Decision-Making table

The Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC)

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