Honolulu 9/22 ? On Thursday, September 19th, (de)Occupy Honolulu filed a second lawsuit against the City & County of Honolulu, based on illegal raids against the houseless, and will be seeking a Temporary Restraining Order based on Bill 7.

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Bill 7 enforcement began in July and it does not require any notice before seizure of property and also comes with a $200 extortion fee to get items back. (de)Occupy Honolulu feels that the law as written is unconstitutional due to lack of definitions and lack of warning, as well as the fact that procedure to reclaim property are opaque at best. The application has also been inconsistent and is unconstitutional. The ordinance does provide an opportunity to request an administrative hearing, but that process does not seem to have any rules or procedures and does allows the officials running these ?kangaroo courts? 120 days to render a decision

(de)Occupy?s lawyer, Brian Brazier says, ?Depriving homeless citizens of their property with no warning, no process, no rules, and no consistency is very troubling, if not downright evil. And it seems that each time my clients or others in the same position win a victory in the courthouse, the city sees it as an opportunity to make the laws worse and more draconian, not better. If the city spent half as much time, money, and energy in helping our most vulnerable citizens as opposed to persecuting them, they wouldn’t find themselves in Federal Court again and again.?

The (de)Occupy Honolulu encampment at Thomas Square has had 13 raids since the end of July. All but one raid was in the middle of the night, costing tax payers tens of thousands in overtime costs to deprive people of sleep, shelter, and property. Plaintiff Terry Anderson feels that, ?They are systematically making it illegal to be poor. First there was Bill 54, then Bill 7, and now Bill 39 which criminalizes sleeping on a sidewalk. With 10,000 people on the streets and 750 shelter beds, where do they expect people to go??

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