Denver’s Shelby the Dog Announces Candidacy in Presidential Race

Shelby the Dog, the officially elected leader of Occupy Denver and noted political activist, is running for president of the United States of America!

She wags for fair and equal representation for all Americans; responsible, moral, domestic and foreign policy; honest, courageous political discussion; and diverse, passionate political points of view.

She barks at corporate controlled plutocracy; policy based on lobbyist dollars and political maneuvering; manipulative sound bites based on polling data; and Blue vs. Red political speech.

Shelby urges all occupiers and other Americans to let their voices be heard this electoral year and express how they really feel about the current state of the electoral process. With her customary wisdom and foresight, Shelby has created It is a website design to facilitate discussion about electoral politics and this year’s presidential race.

Should we vote for a major candidate? Should we support a third party? Should we write in Shelby? Maybe we should boycott the whole affair…. Through, our canine leader has provided a forum for individuals and organizations to express their feelings, discuss issues with others, announce campaigns, and educate themselves on this important topic.

The site includes multiple ways to express your opinion. Anything from simple comments, to lengthy posts to creating a unique page for your organization or working group.

Come be involved in the campaign! Shelby loves you and wants what’s best. Come to the website, like Shelbylovesamerica on facebook, and get involved in creating an honest dialog about electoral politics.

Stay tuned for upcoming campaign ads, website updates, and further announcements.
Bark, bark.

[Occupy Denver does not endorse any of the specific ideas presented on this site. Occupy Denver does emphatically endorse the conversation!]

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