DD National #handsup Call-To-Action Today!

Police officers are sworn to serve and protect us–but they are literally killing our people in our communities. We must take action. We are asking young people around the country to go to the U.S. Attorney’s office near them and issue local demands to address police violence and grievances with local law enforcement and to apply pressure around the national demands.

Today, we’re going live with our #handsup campaign to push forward our national demands.

Our main focus is going to be to push out this beautiful Vimeo video that is a wrap-up of our action last week where 7 DD’s were arrested and has Phillip and Shamile Louis giving a really powerful call to action and stating the demands.

#handsup Don’t Shoot from Dream Defenders on Vimeo.

A toolkit that Jess put together is here.

Can you all help spread this information super far and wide?

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