Climate Change Activists Seek Climate Necessity Defense #floodwallstreet #micats

In Michigan, Chris Whamhoff’s (MiCats, InterOccupy, Candidate for US Senator from Michagan) attorney plans a climate necessity defense:

“The defense is that it was a necessity because global climate change has reached a degree to harm humans and all living species and people like Chris Wahmhoff have to take action to bring this to a stop.”
-Attorney John Royal of the National Lawyers Guild, and head council for the defendant

Whamhoff, who skateboarded into the expansion project of Enbridge Line 6B in June 2013, now faces potentially two years in prison. The case had been dismissed two times by Calhoun County Judge Kingsley, however the Michigan Supreme Court has overturned the dismissal and recently refused to read an appeal from Wahmhoff’s attorney. Now with trial pending Wednesday, Nov. 19, the protestor’s legal team will be bringing motions for expert witnesses on climate change as a part of their defense.

Twelve of the 100 arrested during the Flood Wall Street protest in NYC Sept. 22, 2014 announced that they’re going to trial.

Their plea: Not guilty. Their defense: Climate change made us do it.

#FloodWallStreet Court Support Needed!

“Defendant John Tarleton explained that group plans to mount a “necessity defense,” in which they’ll argue that “the harm being caused by Wall Street in financing all sorts of extreme energy projects in this country and around the world is so much greater than any harm that was done by a traffic jam on Broadway.”

In Britain, six Greenpeace activists used it to get themselves acquitted of criminal damages for vandalizing a coal plant.

Last month, two protestors who managed to block a 40,000-ton delivery of coal to a Massachusetts power plant with a lobster boat tried the defense for the first time in a U.S. court.” The environmental activists walked away after prosecutors dropped or reduced all charges, endorsing the protesters’ use of direct action against climate change.

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