Support the Human Right to Water—Detroit!

On behalf of the residents of Detroit and the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization (MWRO), allies and supporters are asking individuals, organizations, and human rights defenders to sign a petition asking President Obama, Michigan Governor Rick Synder, and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan to intercede immediately and tell Detroit Water and Sewage Department to stop the massive water shutoffs in Detroit. Continue reading

Map of Grassroots Groups in Greece (Omikron Project)

‘Ouzo-drinking lazy Greeks?’ – Omikron Project released a second edition of the grassroots groups map – fully updated and including over 60% more groups!
All the groups have been verified by us as grassroots, explicitly not-for-profit, Greece-based and active as of June 2014. By ‘grassroots’, we mean that the groups are open for others to join and that, at the time of their inception, they had no affiliation with a profit-making entity. Continue reading

Long Live Occupy: Occupy, Three Years Later

Occupy as a movement continues in the particular forms of activism we are seeing emerging around the world. Whether Occupy Gezi in Turkey or Occupy Hong Kong, all these actions have similar qualities. While they include big marches, their focus is on building alternative communities, however short-lived, that are providing the necessities of life, political debate and cultural activities, as well as protests. They are all organized collectively with relatively flat structures, participatory democracy like the general assemblies and a valuing of whatever skills and ability people bring into the community. Continue reading

The Occupy Portraits: A Photo Essay

This 572-page book of portraits documents activists from the Occupy movement in twelve cities across the United States – people like you and me, the 99%. In the interest of historical accuracy, everyone I photographed is included, presented in chronological sequence, and paired with their answer to my question, “What would you change first to make this a better world?” Continue reading

Democratic Process and Tyranny of the Eccentric

The issue of democratic process is central to building a horizontal movement, and one that so many of us have been discussing, debating and getting both inspired and frustrated by for a long time. Good process can be liberating and … Continue reading