“If Music be the Food of Love…”

Istanbul, June 14, 1201 hrs. Dear people, Every revolution needs its heroes. Ours is called Davide. He is the pianoman. Yesterday and tonight he has been playing in Taksim for twelve hours straight, until ten o’ clock in the morning. When the rain started, people held a canvas over him and his piano, and he […] Continue reading


Istanbul, June 13, 1050 hrs. Dear people, Not surprisingly, the day after the battle, the camp looked like a war zone. The water cannons, the gas attacks, the stampedes, and finally the rain had seriously damaged the peripheral neighbourhoods of Gezi Park. Our Audiovisual stand had been completely destroyed. I had very ambiguous feelings walking […] Continue reading

The Longest Day

Istanbul, June 12, 1057 hrs. Dear people, On the eve of the attack I was sitting in the International Corner, talking to Turkish comrades about the next phase of democratic escalation. At nine in the morning, every neighbourhood of Gezi Park would have organized an assembly. Until now the protest has been coordinated by the […] Continue reading

Gezi International

Istanbul, June 11, 0048 hrs. Dear people, The tanks didn’t come this morning. We are still here. It has been another day of freedom. Those of you who ever participated in one of the big occupations will know what it’s like. Freedom is intoxicating. The revolutionary vibe is contagious. There is so much energy whirling […] Continue reading

No Pasaran

Istanbul, June 10, 0254 hrs. Dear people, There is something awesome about barricades. It’s got to do with the sense of power and determination they convey. And with their romanticism. Nothing is as romantic as a real barricade. They all have their own style, each of them is different and continuously changing. This morning, the […] Continue reading

The Free Republic of Taksim

Istanbul, June 9. 0707 hrs. Dear people, All night we strolled along the streets of Gezi, and never for a moment did my amazement subside. I am so happy to be here. This thing is much bigger than I imagined. It’s pure love. Here you have gays and lesbians next to anticapitalist muslems. You have […] Continue reading

These are our streets…

June 7 Dear people, This thing is far from over. The prime minister took up the challenge. He is ready to call out the protesters for a duel, one on one, at Gezi Park, high noon. He owes it to his image as a strong leader to take an uncompromising stance. Upon return in Turkey […] Continue reading

The Next Stage

June 6, Dear people, As the dust settles over the battlefield, the people are left standing. Police were forced to retreat. Yesterday some rear guard skirmishes were still going on in Ankara, in various districts of Istanbul, and elsewhere. All evening, Gezi Park was in ecstacy. Everyone was there in solidarity, with and without banners. […] Continue reading

Summer Picknick

The Monsanto March added a touch of global that had been missing in this #GlobalMay. On Facebook, an appointment was already launched for 2014, but for many people it wasn’t soon enough. A new march has now been planned for as early as October. In Istanbul protesters gathered near Taksim Square yesterday to demonstrate against […] Continue reading