Campaign Finance Reform is the answer! The start and the solution! Take away the influence of money in elections AND subsequent political dealings. Period. Forever. Thank you!


Dynamic peaceful change must occur to stop and fix the profoundly negative consequences plaguing the election process in America.

InterOccupy Organizers,

Thank you for your insight into change in America. Too many Americans do not know nor understand that they are under assault by enemies of a ‘domestic’ nature, supported by a “Fifth Column” of multinational and foreign interests, to the continued and growing detriment to this country and our society.

Can you read this email request and help institute the single most important solution for the U.S. political system by fixing the election process in this great country of ours?

I’ve started the petition “Vote to create Constitutional Amendment protecting Public Campaign Financing as the sole method for campaign finance. Overturn the disastrous 2010 US Supreme Court (split) decision ?Citizens United? v. FEC. ” and need your help to get it off the ground.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:

Here’s why it’s important:

Description of Petition:


Why is this important?

Wouldn’t you rather see a set amount of public campaign finance money spent on State and Presidential elections in the low $Billions, than the $5+ Trillion in waste and spending of your money by the players manipulating the current system? Money with proper oversight that can be retained for public use, for the good of the country?

With 126,849,269 registered voters casting their ballot during the 2012 Presidential election, by setting aside in annual tax revenue only $100 per voter to support Public Campaign Financing, this initiative raises over $12 Billion dollars for the new election process in both State and Federal elections in this country. Why cannot the system be this transparent and fair? Break this down further to the State level, and this model allows for $3 Billion allotment (Federal Level), and $180 Million per State election process (in proportion to Census statistics per State). With only a 57% registered voter turnout, this model clearly shows the initial $100 per voter allotment could decrease, when spread across a larger voter turnout. Why waste time fundraising when not needed?

Approximately 30% of an elected official’s ‘official’ time is spent fundraising to stay in office. Not to mention what allotment of their personal time is also spent in this never-ending and Quixotic quest? Who has the kind of money to gain even a fraction of your elected official’s daily time and attention? Enough is Enough; Stop the buying of elections by special interest groups, corporate lobbying groups, the ‘1%’ getting more than one vote through Citizens United and now potentially another judicial push in front of the Supreme Court as you read this petition! ‘Productivity’ becomes the new catchword in Washington! What more could be accomplished by Congress with less time and effort spent fundraising and voting the way ‘money’ wants?

The skewed and irresponsible influencing of the media from all sides during the U.S. election process must stop as well. ‘Politics’ should not be ‘big business’; ‘Politics’ should be about governing wisely, sustainable, with correct and properly funded oversight. Let’s get this great Nation back on the tracks and ‘we the people’ again in control of ‘our’ Government.

Why now?

The time is now to start a support group in your State, City, and community areas. Mid term elections are coming up and we the people need to take control of the election process, and the workings of our elected officials once voted into ‘public service’ positions. Yes, ‘Public Service’ positions; not ‘Corporate’ or ‘Special Interest’ positions. Create referendum measures in your State that can make it onto the election ballots to be voted into law by YOU THE PEOPLE. Collect signatures on petitions and force your State Legislature to include a PUBLIC CAMPAIGN FINANCE referendum measure in the 2014 Elections. Once presented at this level the movement can be made ready for use to protect and support public campaign finance efforts in the 2016 National Elections, and beyond.

How can I make a difference?

Help your elected official do the right thing. Take the onus of having to play the current election process ‘game’ away from your elected officials by demanding only publicly funded campaign financing. Transparent and Open. Period. Grant all opponents equal and limited media airtime, and cap media spending to a small percentage of what are current election spending levels. The people win!

Give your elected officials and those striving for the coveted positions tighter parameters to operate from within. Even the most stalwart and well-meaning politician is being forced by the current election process ‘rules’ to accept campaign finance funds from private sources. Funds not necessarily sought after, only agreed upon by necessity. They are only human. Forgive them any weakness, for they know what they shouldn’t be doing, and what they would rather be doing. In the instance they do not, vote them out. Period.

Weaving in and out of the Truth:

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive” – Scottish Author Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) in Marmion, Canto VI Stanza 17

The current ‘campaign finance game’ is stacked against us ‘the people’ once again. Current campaign financing law and process is similar in byzantine complexity to the horrific financial derivative programs, along with the toxic sub-prime loan schemes created by the banking industry throughout the George W(md) Bush Administration years. Where was the oversight?!? These two aberrations, created by special interest groups and individuals helped cripple this nation and poison the world! The weapon of mass destruction here was domestically deployed; unchecked and secretive election campaign finance money that put that Administration in office to do their bidding.

Trust in yourselves. Support Publicly Funded Campaign Financing over corporate and special interest group creations such as ‘Citizens United’.

Vote out the 2010 ‘Citizens United’ Supreme Court decision. Why should the money influence our, OUR elections? Win this one, once and for all by Constitutional Amendment, do not trust this sitting court to overturn their own decision. See current (in conjunction with the RNC?) ‘McCutcheon v. FEC’ case in front of the Supreme Court to see how far these conservative (Bush) appointed Judges and the RNC will go in allowing money to buy anything it wants. Even your elections. Odd, they aren’t ‘conservative’ when it comes to spending your taxpayer money with their multinational/foreign/crony contractor companies?

The dominoes blocking transparency in the election process start falling here in favor of the people with Election Campaign Finance Reform! Special interest candidates will no longer be able to influence the spending of our tax dollars with their lobbyist funded backers for the sole interest of their shareholders, wherever, whomever these secretive investors may be.

“Of the People, By the People, For the People”


“Of the special interest groups, By the marginalized politician, Against the People.”

Thank you for researching further and making the correct decision.

See you at the ballot booth! VOTE!!! Fight and win in the Ballot Box.

The K.I.S.S. principle at its’ finest!! Thanks Kelly Johnson!


*Tangled Web of Campaign Finance” chart available with expressed permission of The Sunlight Foundation (11/25/13)

Will send copy of “The Tangled Web of Campaign Finance” provided with expressed permission of The Sunlight Foundation (11/25/13) for use in disseminating this petition request to those wanting positive and lasting change in America, for America, and the World.
Thank you for your time in review.


John Lorello

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