Two school days after Sandy Hook, an NYC Principal staged a terrifying surprise hoax school shooting on 300 Harlem children with emotional, cognitive, and physical disabilities and over 200 staff and teachers. Eight weeks later, the principal and the NYC Department of Education have refused to notify parents and refused to implicate themselves in the child abuse by denying any post-trauma evaluation and care.

Over 20,000 signatures have been collected. HoranWatch, the anonymous group behind keeping these kids from being swept under the rug, is calling for allies to help organize actions to:

1) Inform Parents
2) Organize Social Workers/Therapists for Children & Families
3) Hold the NYC Dept of Education Accountable   @horanwatch

Latino. Black. Minors aged 12 and up. In Poverty. Harlem. Immigrant Parents. Segregated from Public School System and their own Communities. With Multiple Disabilities. These are the most vulnerable kids in America.

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