Call to Action for #Ferguson – Call and Email the DOJ!!!!

Thursday August 21st we will have a national call / email day to the DOJ demanding investigations into the targeting of black and brown youth by law enforcement.

Please convert the below text into an email blast that fits your audience and network.


Tell the Department of Justice to Pursue an End to Police Violence Nationwide.

The events following the killing of Mike Brown have captivated us all. Many have asked what they can do to make a difference. Over the next days and weeks we will be calling on you to take collective action so that decision makers from Ferguson, MO to Washington, DC can hear our united voice.

The Department of Justice has the unique capabilities and direct authority to investigate our police departments and enforce fairness, adherence to constitutional values, and the rule of law.

Attorney General Holder has visited Ferguson. The visit and the attention it brings is welcome however, we want these steps to be followed by concrete action.


Attorney General Holder. Your visit to Ferguson including meeting with the family of Mike Brown is an encouraging sign le viagra suisse. I would like to see these step immediately followed by concrete action. I ask that you put the full weight of the Justice Department towards investigating and preventing the unchecked targeting of black and brown youth by law enforcement everywhere.

Call the DOJ at 202-353-1555 and email

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