This is a Call for the second Occupy the WSF Meeting


The date of the meeting is 7th December 2012 at 19.00 pm GMT

Agenda for next meeting to be build up collectively, please contribute adding relevant points here

The World Social Forum 2013 will take place in Tunis, Tunisia from the 26th to the 30th March.

This Forum will provide a strategic location for discussion of the issues of most concern to us. Tunisia has become a symbolic center for the global movement, as the ArabSpring was born there. March would be a proper time to gather and exchange with other movements and networks that have flourished in the North African regions and the Arab World. This forum will serve as a meeting place for those involved in local Occupations, assemblies, and mobilizations in other parts of the world during 2011 and 2012. We can build and strengthen the links between existing networks around the Mediterranean region and globally and e can strategies May and October joint-actions. We can practice our methodologies, as we did in Firenze 10+10, while communicating and sharing our new knowledge and tool kits with those outside these movements.

The idea behind this Mumble Meeting is to discuss and share ideas, experiences and opinions we’ve developed in the common spaces we have created such as transnational assemblies, Hub Meetings, Agora99 as well as others like Firenze 10+10 and to reflect on the possible approaches to be developed towards the WSF 2013: Do we need to Occupy World Social Forum, in order to come together at the global level, for the first time since 15M or Tahrir moments? Can we create new synergies that would contribute our transnational and translocal struggles to build egalitarian and genuine democracies globally?

Lets meet this Friday (7 Dec) on Mumble to discuss this in depth and start developing an approach towards WSF 2013.
Time: 1900 GMT/UTC
for other locations please use the time zone converter.

Mumble is a voice chat Open Source software (works similar to skype but is not a corporate tool)
How to download-install-connect the program to participate


Label : Occupii
Server : (has to be written exactly as it is)
Port: 64738
Nickname: Your name/nick and country

Alternativelly: Once you have downloaded and installed the program in your PC , if you register to this site,  just click here to enter mumble://

We’ll be waiting for you!!

The International Network of Occupy/Indignados/Indignés/OWS/15M

Take the Square

and yourself of course!

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