Brought to You By Capitalism #1: Water Troubles

You are invited to an Interoccupy conference call speaker series that will focus on capitalism as the root cause of the major problems we presently face. Since August is “National Water Quality Month,” we will examine the quality of our access to water in the United States. Current assaults on the water supply, including privatization, pollution, and drought caused by climate change, are reaching crisis proportions.

InterOccupy will be hosting, on Wednesday August 20th at 9pm EST via MaestroConference (register below), a series of talks moderated by illustrator/writer/organizer Stephanie McMillian. This month she will be speaking with author David Soll, Organizer Robert Robinson, and activist DeMeeko Williams.

 Mr. Soll wrote “Empire of Water” (2013, Cornell University Press), which examines the ecological and political aspects of how New York City constructed its water distribution system, and established one of the most wide-ranging watershed protection programs in the United States.

Rob Robinson is a member of the Leadership Committee of the Take Back the Land Movement and a volunteer at the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI). After losing his job in 2001, he spent two years homeless on the streets of Miami and ten months in a New York City shelter. He eventually overcame homelessness and has been in the housing movement based in New York City since 2007.

DeMeeko Williams of the Detroit Water Brigade is on the front lines of the capitalist-driven class war in the United States. He will speak about community resistance to massive city shut-offs, and the effort to keep taps turned on and glasses filled.

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