*Blockupy* 2013 in Frankfurt, May 30th to June 1st 2013

*Blockupy* 2013 in Frankfurt, May 30th to June 1st 2013

Blockupy is back: In May 2012, activists gathered in the banking area
of Frankfurt to protest against the austerity politics of the German
government and the Troika (EU, ECB, IMF). From May 30th to June 1st
2013 we will return for European action days in the heart of the
European authoritarian crisis regime in Frankfurt/Main.

At the headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB), we will send a
powerful signal of solidarity with all those affected by the current
politics of austerity and cuts.

As a symbol of struggle against austerity rule we will organise mass
blockades of the ECB in Frankfurt on May 31st. We will move on to
actions in a “second wave” in the late morning to other protagonists
of the crisi. Or aim on May 31st is to visibly disturb the usual
business proceedings of the ECB as well as other protagonists of the
crisis regime.

On June 1st, the European action day, we call for a large
international demonstration, together with many thousands of people
from all over Europe.

The action camp at *Rebstock* will serve as a political and social
meeting point for Blockupy. On Thursday, May 30th, we, activists and
affinity groups, will gather there and prepare the actions together.


*More* information

A short flyer will be available for the action days containing basic


The location for the camp is at Rebstock. The Camp will be set up from
Monday (May 27) onwards and opened on Wednesday (May 29). There will
be a programme of discussions and cultural events, which will also be
available in English later. http://notroika.org/camp/programm


May 31st: Mass blockades of the European Central Bank (ECB)
Blockupy Zeil: 12:30 pm at Primark, Zeil 94, Am Springbrunnen
Blockupy Deportation Airport! action:

June 1st: large international demonstration: 11:00 am at Baseler Platz
(near main train station). The demonstration will go to the ECB
(Willy-Brandt-Platz) with a short rally and assemblies discussing the
future of resistance. There will be protests in other countries as
well, for instance in Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Slovenia, France,
Greece, Italy, and the UK. In London the demonstration will start at
2pm at HM Treasury, 1 Royal Horse Guards, symbol of austerity forces
in the United Kingdom. A march will then proceed to the European
Comission representation in the UK, at 34 Smith Square, symbol of the
austerity forces in Europe.



International Call: From the crisis’ edges to the power’s core

Blockupy call from Germany: https://blockupy-frankfurt.org/en/call-for-action/

International call for June 1st from Portugal:

IL call: Waiting no more. Staying in movement. Blockupy 2013

Feminist call: Let’s care! Let’s dance! Let’s bloccupy – the feminist
way! Shake up social and economic conditions – the care revolution!

*Documents* preparing the action days

General character of the demonstration, Saturday June 1st 2013 (in
German: Demobild)

Overall vision for the actions and blockades on Friday May 31st in the
financial district of Frankfurt and beyond…
http://blockupy-frankfurt.org/en/1076/overall-vision/ (in German: Aktionsbild)

Action Agreements for Friday, May 31st 2013
http://blockupy-frankfurt.org/en/1074/action-agreements/ (in German:


*Legal* Issues

There is a Legal Team in Frankfurt (called Ermittlungsausschuss (EA)
in German), an office of activists with contacts to lawyers, they can
be called if you or your friends are arrested.

Legal Info (1012) in several languages (booklet by Rote Hilfe): What
to do at demonstrations in case of repression:

English version (pdf):
French: Consignes de comportement lors de manifs:
Spanish: Consejos practicos en manifestaciones:
Italian, Polish and Greek:



Posters, flyers, etc.:

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