Two years ago, we announced with an article called “History is Knocking.” We asked if the time might be right for a larger mass of people to rise up against the corporate control of our government and US imperialist policies. We were not certain what the answer would be, but six months later hundreds of thousands of people did rise up in Occupy Encampments across the nation. Many more were inspired by the massive mobilizations to join the work on a broad variety of injustices in their communities.

Today we know that history is no longer knocking. History has opened the door and is standing in front of you. The broad movement for peace and social, economic and environmental justice is here and you are part of it.

We announce the launch of a new platform to connect and build that mass popular resistance that is growing in the US, We are a daily movement news and resource website to keep you informed about actions and events and to provide you with tools for organizing in your community. We also seek to provide you with a vision to end corporate rule and a strategic framework to achieve it.

To make this next phase effective, we need you to be involved in  We ask you to share this website with people in your community, people you work with and people whom you think should be involved. We want this site to be the movement’s site and encourage you to use it: submit your projects to the calendar, send us your ideas, and share articles and tools. Many have already joined as contributors.

In addition to daily movement news, has 5 sections: Educate, Organize, Strategize, Resist and Create. Each section has helpful information, videos and tools for those who are new to activism to those with experience.

Educate! Learn about current issues and ways to be part of the growing citizen’s media.

Organize! Build sustainable, democratic organizations that empower communities while protecting against disruption.

Strategize! Learn about time-tested strategic nonviolence and other effective strategies for social change.

Resist! Plug in to groups that are engaging in effective protest and resistance, and find tools for creative activism.

Create! Learn how to build new institutions based on solidarity, justice and cooperation.

There are also featured actions. The first campaign as will be to stop the Trans-Pacific PartnershipWe will stop the TPP and when we do, it will be a tremendous victory against transnational corporations seeking a global corporate coup. It will be a victory on which we will continue to build a movement against the rule of money and concentrated corporate power.

All of the ingredients for a mass popular resistance movement exist.  People are suffering under an economy that favors wealth and makes it difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs to operate; the government is corrupted by campaign money and is dysfunctional and unresponsive to people’s needs; the connection between all the key issues of the day and how progress is prevented by the rule of money is evident to many; and people are seeing there is a path that could lead to successful transformation of the government and economy.  Now is the time to get involved and help make the potential a reality.

You are Get involved, share what you are doing and together we will Stop the Machine! And Create a New World!

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