We have 1500 actions planned on November 29th, and we have about 120-130 Associates who’ve requested someone do a simple sign at a store that are not taken yet. These continue to come in last minute.

These are coming in from a new tool Change Walmart has built called AssociateVoices.org that allows people to anonymously tell the community they need support and what they need.

They are testing it during Black Friday, but it is an ongoing tool. Given the firings, we want communities to be able to do what was needed but protect associates.

Adopt a Walmart Store by signing up on www.blackfridayprotests.org. All materials are also there. There is support available so email changewalmartsupport@gmail.com. The associate voices also has a link on blackfridayprotests.org

Anyone who adopts and sends an email to changewalmartsupport@gmail.com with with a photo of the associate supported action will get a Black Friday 2013 poster done by Faviana Rodriguez. It’s very cool sharing it here.

See you in the streets tomorrow!!!


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