#99PKTS May 1 Solidarity Swarm

Join 99 Pickets, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, and allies as we march on employers near Union Square to demand fair pay, justice and safe working conditions for workers around the world.
Gather at 2:30pm in the NE corner of Union Square; we’ll leave at 3pm. Look for Rude Mechanical!
Swarm targets include:
BANANA REPUBLIC, 89 E 5th Ave. Since 2005, more than 1000 workers have died in fires and building collapses while sewing clothing in Bangladesh for companies like Gap Inc (which also owns Banana Republic), including a rising death toll of 380 from a tragic garment factory collapse last week. These deaths could have been prevented, but Gap, Walmart and others are refusing to pay for reforms and to work with workers to put an end to the killing and corporate crimes. Gap Inc: Sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement–pay 10 cents more per garment.
FRIEZE NY ART FAIR, 41 Union Square W.: Next week, Frieze is erecting the “largest temporary structure in the world” on Randall’s Island. Rather than pay New Yorkers fair wages, they’re shipping in non-union workers from Wisconsin. This, while art is sold for millions in a public park. We need an art world that values all its workers, from art handlers to artists to carpenters. This is the wrong art world.
WENDY’S, 20 E 14th St.: For decades, Florida’s farmworkers faced poverty wages and daily exploitation of their basic rights in order to harvest the food on our plates. A new day has dawned. Five of the biggest fast food companies have signed the Fair Food Agreement. Now, Wendy’s must do its part and join the Fair Food Program.

TRAVEL CHANNEL, 18 E 16th St: Atlas Media, the producer of Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible, is well-known as a digital sweatshop, eroding industry standards. Wage theft and overtime violations are widespread as employees are forced to work 50-70 hrs a week without overtime pay. We are calling on Travel Channel and Atlas to stop violating the law and pay their employees what they deserve!


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