Hi, my name is Marc and I’m an illustrator. Two weeks ago, after being contacted by a member of the Occupy Wall Street alternative banking group, I agreed to do a few drawings for a deck of cards depicting some of the people and institutions responsible for causing the financial crisis. As a freelance illustrator I don’t get many opportunities to visualize ideas that I am personally committed to, so this project was an exciting departure. I thought that my collaborator Daniel and I would do some face cards and combine those with a standard deck of numbered cards for a sweet little project. Then he suggested bringing in more illustrators, so we made some calls. Within a few days, the project snowballed into a massive collaborative undertaking involving 28 artists from around the world. The deck grew to 56 cards (52 in the deck plus 4 bonus) on an extremely tight deadline. All of the illustrators came in with incredible excitement and ideas for this collaboration. The vision evolved into making a visually dynamic and coherent set of cards with text and illustrations that would give people a snapshot of who the players are in this casino we call the world financial system. I am thrilled to say that it was a Huge success. The completed designs can be viewed here: http://52shadesofgreed.com/.

Here’s where you come in:

We need your help to raise the funds to print up a thousand decks of cards to give out on the street for free on September 17, the one year anniversary of the first U.S. occupy gathering in New York City, and in the weeks following. While occupiers are no longer in the park, they are hard at work figuring out how to use people-power to hold big time finance guys and institutions accountable for the total mess they have caused. We think the cards will be a great way to bring people – including you! – into the issues. (Do you know what a CDO is, or how the banks are using it to continue their subprime lending? Well, you should, and the information in this deck, and on our site, will help). Especially as we come up to the election, these issues are very salient.

The money we raise will also go to paying production costs on the project, including a stipend for each of the 28 freelance artists for their time and talent. That way you aren’t just paying for stuff; you are paying to support a community of hard-working artists who tell great stories and want to be able to afford to keep telling them.


Rocket Hub is an “all or more” fundraiser, so we get whatever money is pledged whether we hit our goal or not. That said, we are hoping to hit our goal before we need the money, and then if we exceed our fundraising goal, we have TONS of ideas about where to take this next. Possibilities include a show at a physical gallery with an education panel, a book of the works, and even a sequel deck of “heroes” of the financial meltdown (yes, they exist!). We are hoping that with a little extra time, some of these other great projects will become possible.


Fuel the project at $25 and you get your very own limited edition deck of fully illustrated playing cards. Fuel more for other great rewards like a deck in a custom box, a poster of all the cards, or art prints. If things go well here, we will add new rewards like original art, and custom portraits, plus you will be contributing to unleashing the potential of illustrators who want to create big stories together. Thank you so much for your support!
Here is an alphabetical listing of the phenomenal artists who have come together to create this deck:

Adam S. Doyle
Alex Fine
Chi Birmingham
Chris B. Murray
Corinne Reid
Daniel Nyari (& Art Director)
Denman Rooke
Dobot (Logan Faerber)
Eric Fortune
Gloria Pizzilli
Hyesu Lee
Jess Worby
John Lee
Jon Burgerman
Jonathan Calugi
Justin Volz
Kyle Smart
Matt Rota
Marc Scheff (& Art Director)
Martin Wittfooth
Michael Marsicano
Mikkel Sommer
PJ McQuade
Skip Sterling
Stephanie F. Scholz
Steve Simpson
Tim Paul
Vicky Yarova

Thanks for listening and I hope you feel inspired to fuel this project. This deck stands on its own as a kickass collaborative art piece, but as you can see here there is so much more to it.

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