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This is the 50th Edition of our Occupy Raleigh Newsletter. We have published every 2 weeks since 1/13/2012.

Any and all suggestions are welcome (please post on the Communications Forum or email us at 411OccupyRaleigh@gmail.com). We hope you enjoy this edition–and we hope to see you at an organizational meeting or public event soon.

Topics covered in this edition include:
The Fall and Rise of NC Poverty
Say What?!
Governor Sanford and the NC Fund
Let’s Talk Poverty in North Carolina
Poverty in America is Mainstream
It’s Not So Badxn--
Monsanto May Have Won the Battle Butxn--
Medicaid Coverage Gap is a Disgrace
What is TPP?
Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership
Big Money Gets It Done
Education: Pay it Forward

Occupy Raleigh Communications Working Group

50th Edition Occupy Raleigh Newsletter

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