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This is the 50th Edition of our Occupy Raleigh Newsletter. We have published every 2 weeks since 1/13/2012.

Any and all suggestions are welcome (please post on the Communications Forum or email us at 411OccupyRaleigh@gmail.com). We hope you enjoy this edition – and we hope to see you at an organizational meeting or public event soon.

Topics covered in this edition include:
The Fall and Rise of NC Poverty
Say What?!
Governor Sanford and the NC Fund
Let’s Talk Poverty in North Carolina
Poverty in America is Mainstream
It’s Not So Bad…
Monsanto May Have Won the Battle But…
Medicaid Coverage Gap is a Disgrace
What is TPP?
Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership
Big Money Gets It Done
Education: Pay it Forward

Occupy Raleigh Communications Working Group

50th Edition Occupy Raleigh Newsletter

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