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The Anarchives: an Archive of ‘Everyday life’?

Posted November 6th, 2012 by 040 • permalink
  1. Fucked again ! Defaced by 040

  2. TWITTER: @04hazmi

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Now Open: Wiki Articles for OWS Anarchives & Anarchives

Posted September 28th, 2012 by 040 • permalink

Hi All – Attached below is some info for editing the Anarchives Interoccupy Hub.

I recommend creating your own Wiki account through wiki.occupy.net, which will allow you to document your changes to the Wiki; this document is definitely under construction and you are invited to alter it to reflect your understanding of the project; think of it as the 1st step in our collective process: updating this anarchival document as we describe what we are/will be/would like to manifest in the project, thus defining the direction of our trajectory as we are traveling in it. Let’s add to it as many definitions as possible at first, acknowledging that these will be edited over time: http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/OWS_Anarchives

It’s very easy to edit the contents of a wiki. It only takes a few clicks.
1. Log into the wiki. If you don’t have a username, you can register for one here:
(Note: You DO NOT need to login in order to edit these pages, though your IP address will be logged in the history.)
2. Click the “Edit” page tab at the top of the page or section that you want to change.
3. Make changes to the text in the box. For help on formatting, see this page:
4. Click the “Save page” button and try to include some notes about the changes you made in the Summary section.

I will update the IO Hub front page to direct people to that page. I’ve chosen to dedicate the alternate article for The Anarchives, to more of the theorertical praxis behind the “anarchives” as a kind of educational technology, as well as directing people to specific sites in which this archival technique is applied (i.e. beyond OWS & Occupy): http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/Anarchives

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InterOccupy Conf Call on the Anarchives #1 2012.Sept.30

Posted September 30th, 2012 by 040 • permalink

- Participants; Expressed interest & expected participation in the Anarchives
- Intro discussion: How are people interested in participating in the Anarchives effort?
- Storage of current collection
- Next meeting

==Participants; Expressed interest & expected participation in the Anarchives==
* Negesti Cantave [NC] OWS alum, now on the road to Texas, et al. (back in NYC mid-Nov); looking for things to collect (signs, banners, things that illustrate the anthropological context of the movement)
* Alexandre Carvalho [AC] OWS strategist, theorist, and historian, curently based out of Rio de Janeiro; planning to use @OWS_Historians Twitter handle to collect stories, spread the word & invite people to write OWS history & contribute to the Anarchives.
* Bold Jez [BJ] OWS (A)rchivist, responsible for majority of current collection & maintaining storage in NYC; maintaining Anarchives InterOccupy hub & aggregating information thru the Occupy.net Wiki system
* Grace Davie [GD] Archivist & Historian at Queens College [Q.C.] involved thru Occupy Queens, based out of NYC; offering institutional access & resources at Q.C., grow an object-to-oral history project
* Tracy Lubbehusen InterOccupy admin [savior of this call - MANY THX Tracy!] based out of Chicago; offering connections Occupy Chicago’s media hubs

==Intro discussion: How are people interested in participating in the Anarchives effort?==
* BJ encourages everyone to think “beyond the physical” inn collecting for the Anarchives; information can be digital, textual, event-based, so take note of & take notes or recordings on important things you find.
* AC suggests the Anarchives has a base layer in artifacts and information, but emphasizes that the power of history comes in the INTERPRETATION of these items.  @OWS_Historians intended to be encourage that.
* NC hopes we can create not 1 formalized intake process for collection, but emphasizes need to aggregate information from @OWS_Historians (et al.) to a place where people can review it.
* GD wants Anarchives to link to other archival-type efforts, such as her involvement in Occupied Cities campaign (a people’s investigation of the financial crisis); echoes AC’s desire to connect Anarchives to Occupied Stories (ex. #DebtStories
* BJ suggests the Occupy.net Wiki system to be a central hub for aggregating information on the various OWS archival efforts, featuring specific articles for specific efforts (unique articles suggested for initiatives & artifacts in the Anarchives, namely Occupied Stories, #DebtStories, Ale’s guitar, @OWS_Historians for starters.

==Storage of current collection==
* NC Collection currently consists of ~200 signs and a few other artifacts
- attempted to distribute signs at #S17 celebration; successful only w/ art show
* GD hopes to achieve a geographically distributed collection of artifacts & building a digital network that connects these items & their information online, but requests other ideas on structural models that encourage a decentralized archive.  Suggests libraries & archives as good institutions for this.
* BJ affirms GD’s virtuo-geographical ["virt-geo" --AC] structure, hoping that we can distribute these items to many locations & maintain these Signs visibility, to encourage their ability to speak.
* NC notes Yippie Cafe & Bluestockings as OWS/activist-friendly institutions that could exhibit and/or distribute the collection; BJ suggests Occupational Art School in Brooklyn.
* GD proposes to connect with another faculty member at Q.C. in the library/archive program who can create a project for students to participate in imagining new ways of distributing the collection.
* BJ suggests we need 1+ more month of storage to develop the connections
* GD also offers to connect with Q.C. $$ or storage resources, but suggests we develop a specific agreement re: what is requested of them (what is their expected committment & involvement, i.e. $$ or space requested to store WHAT and for HOW LONG).
* NC suggests 1.5 [maybe round to 2?] months committment from Q.C., until return w/ BJ to NYC to make personal connections/exchanges w/ interested institutions.
** Consensus emerged on going forward w/ Q.C. resources (provided we obtain an acceptable textual/legal agreement) to store the current collection. GD offers to draft 1st part of that agreement and send to all on the call (NC not expecting to sign off on final agreement).

Next meeting:
Undecided; BJ plans to offer Doodle poll to gauge availability for another IO conf call w/in next 10 days.

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The information here is from the Occupy.net wiki. Use the wiki to document everything pertaining to your Hub. Wikis are a powerful way to share content and document the processes for the work you are engaged in.

Occupy Wall Street Anarchives is an educational technology project being spearheaded by the Occupational Art School. It attempts to document the history of Occupy Wall Street via a collective perspective of OWS activists, archivists, and historians. In addition, it aims to create a decentralized collection of artifacts through a network of Anarchivists, who agree to steward, document and share the collection with the public.


[edit] THEORY

The OWS Anarchives is founded in the idea of distributing the means of authority of historical representation among many individuals. It is part of a broader effort to create and populate an open-source archive called the Anarchives. The purpose and goals for this project were first manifested in a dossier entitled "On the Question of the Anarchives of Occupy Wall Street" [1], commissioned by e-miserica journal of the Hemispheric Institute at New York University.

[edit] NOTES on OWS

Occupy Wall Street (#OWS, #occupywallstreet, #occupywallst, etc.) is a decentralized and horizontally-organized network of activists that participate under that name and the Occupy (#Occupy) movement more generally.


All activist historians and archivists are invited to participate in the OWS Anarchives by collectively documenting major events, individuals, and issues through wiki.occupy.net and other forms of social media production.

OWS Anarchives is organizing using an InterOccupy Hub. Use this site to coordinate & report to your community on actions, events, and stories about your OWS artifacts:
Hub on InterOccupy

[edit] Registered Artifacts

source: http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/OWS_Anarchives

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Fucked again ! Defaced by 040

TWITTER: @04hazmi