Statement of Integrity

InterOccupy Facilitation Statement of Integrity

We at InterOccupy seek to foster communication between individuals, Working Groups and local General Assemblies, across the movement. We do this in the spirit of the Occupy Movement and general assemblies which use direct democratic and horizontal decision-making processes in service to the interests of the 99%.
Therefore we affirm the following:

The Neutrality of InterOccupy Organization

InterOccupy, as an organization, is committed to neutrality and objectivity when providing our services. We provide a communication infrastructure that the Movement can use to communicate with itself. We do not take official stances on any issues. We do not mandate or censor any call content. Any content or opinion expressed on an InterOccupy call is the sole responsibility of the individual. InterOccupy does not take official positions on issues.

The Neutrality of InterOccupy Facilitation

InterOccupy Facilitation seeks to provide a safe space where all voices and opinions can be heard equally. InterOccupy acknowledges the benefit and usefulness of a diversity of opinion. We encourage everyone who participates on our calls to communicate in open and honest dialogue. However, when an InterOccupy Facilitator is facilitating a call we expect that person to reserve their opinions on content for the duration of the call. When an InterOccupy Facilitator is requested for a call we voluntarily waive our right of participation in the conversation.

Call Minutes and Recordings

Every InterOccupy call is recorded through the Maestro conference call system that InterOccupy uses to technically facilitate calls. InterOccupy also provides an agenda template for use on the call. In the interest and transparency all, notes are posted for public review unless otherwise specified by the call requester. If the call requester does opt-out of posting we ask that a brief statement be written for posting in place of the notes. This guarantees accountability for closed meetings. InterOccupy will not judge whether content should or should not be posted. The decision to post is solely the responsibility of the call requester.

InterOccupy Operations Members & Privacy Concerns

InterOccupy is open to any member of the Movement who wants to participate in the project. We have open Orientation calls for anyone who wants to learn about the IO project and/or get involved. InterOccupy is open to anyone willing to participate in an InterOccupy subgroup. However, our commitment to open participation is also complimented with a desire to maintain the privacy of our staff. Therefore, we will not post any personal information about any member of InterOccupy in a public arena without prior expressed consent.

InterOccupy Operations Call Request Guidelines

InterOccupy Operations members are allowed to request calls if they are acting as a member of or on behalf of a working group (or global equivalent) in the Movement. InterOccupy Operations members are expected not to request calls for their personal benefit. If there seems to be a conflict of interest in an InterOccupy Operations member requesting a call then the alleged infringement is to be brought to the next Planning Team Call. Standard internal process applies.