The Calls

Q: Who can request a call?  What groups can use this service?

A: InterOccupy operates in service to the worldwide People’s Movement. Within the US we stand in solidarity with Occupy Movement. Any individual or working group dedicated to work within the Movement can request a call. (We request that if an individual requests a call that they already have a participation base.)


Q: Do I have to pay to request a call?

A: No! All of our services are absolutely free and will always remain so.


Q: How do I request a call?

A: You can fill out a call request form here: Request a Call


Q: Why am I getting multiple reminders for the same call?

A: Multiple reminders means multiple registrations. Please email info@interoccupy.net and we will delete all of your extraneous registrations.


Q: Argh! My pin number is not working – I can’t get on the call!

A: Retry, if still no luck, try one of the numbers listed here: http://maestroconference.com/gettingin . Still no luck, please try registering again and use that new pin and call in number. If you are still having trouble, please email info@interoccupy.net and we will help you as soon as possible.


Q: How can I save my cell phone minutes on these calls?

Several free services are available through third party services such as google voice or skype. While these platforms can be unreliable they are a viable alternative to cell phone minute usage.


Q: I’ve been on regular conference calls before.  What’s different about IO calls?

A: IO calls have the ability to emulate the mechanisms of communication and organization which are practiced in the Movement at a local level including straw polls, twinkles, direct responses, and points of process. By applying these tools we are able to bring the principles of the Movement to the virtual world. We are also able to propagate our commitment to horizontalism and transparency by recording every call and posting minutes to InterOccupy.org.


Q: How can I get trained on Maestro technology?

A: We offer Basic Maestro training on Tuesdays at 9pm EST, Advanced Training on Wednesdays at 9pm EST.  You do not need these trainings to participate in a call, only to host your own call or take on facilitator or tech responsibilities.  Register for these free classes HERE .


Q: Why do I have to get trained on the Maestro system if I want a recurring call?

A: If you are requesting a recurring call, we can only staff your first two calls because we are a small group of volunteers. After that the call requester (you) and your group are responsible for the call’s vitality and self-sufficiency. If you learn the technology, you can request as many calls as you like.




Financial Questions


Q: Who funds IO?

A: At the moment, no one. This is a labor of love. All of our man hours and any incidental expenses are paid for by the people who built and run IO.


Q: How can we donate to IO?

A: Please follow the donation link here or in the right sidebar.


Q: Are you incorporated/registered as a 501(c)3?

A: Interoccupy is fiscally sponsored by the Alliance for Global Justice. This means that donating to Interoccupy is like donating to a 501(c)3 and donations are tax deductible.


Q: Do you have any paid staff?

A: No. Everyone who works in IO is a volunteer and a member of an Occupy or active in a local GA.




IO Process Questions


Q: Where does your legitimacy come from?

A:  Transparency and Horizontal decision-making. Read more about InterOccupy’s Mission Statement, Guidelines for Participation & Communication, Code of Conduct and Principles of Accountability, and Statement of Autonomy.

Q: To what extent have GA’s formally approved of inter occupation mechanics?

A: There are several GA’s who are officially working with IO through their CoC (Committee of Correspondence) which were approved by their corresponding GAs. Click here to see our running list of CoCs.


Q: How are IO decisions made/recorded?

A: Decisions are made by all IO volunteers on the IO planning subgroup at our weekly planning meeting, input can also be generated from other subgroups which is also brought to IO planning group. We bring proposals for any significant changes to our system and they are decided on by the group using a consensus decision-making process.  We post our agendas, notes and call recordings on the website along with all of our calls.


Q: Who makes up IO?

A: Volunteers. In the spirit of OWS, subgroups have developed through team discussion, and continue to develop as the team grows.  Our subgroups are: Outreach, Web/Tech, Social Networking, Admin, and Maestro Tech Assistants.




Maestro Conference


Q: Do you pay for your Maestro Conference account?

A: No. Maestro has generously given us a free account.


Q: Do you make any commissions from calls scheduled or user numbers?

A: No.


Q: What’s the catch?

A: There is no catch. This is Maestro Conference contribution to the movement, and we’re very grateful for their amazing generosity.


Q: How long does Maestro keep its logs and recordings for?

A: 120 days after the date of the conference call.


Q: Who owns Maestro?

A: You can read more about Maestro’s internal workings here: http://maestroconference.com/about






Q: How do you attract people to IO?

A: Primarily by word of mouth and through the movements many listservs. We also use the usual social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter (@InterOcc), et cetera. But most of all we encourage our users to spread the word about the new free service for all things Occupy.


Q: What kinds of jobs might a volunteer do or what what kinds of jobs are needed to best support IO? Is there a task list?

A: Our tasks vary from month to month. To find out what kinds of jobs are available and all the other fun things we do at IO, please join our bi-weekly Volunteer Orientation Call lead by IO’s Outreach Subgroup.


Q: What the hell are Committees of Correspondence (aka CoCs)?

A: Our website is a great source of information, as we all work to develop the idea of COC! Please read more about CoCs here.


Q: How can get involved with IO?

A: Our Outreach Subgroup holds bi-weekly Orientation calls for anyone who wants to get involved with IO.  To get started please email volunteers@interoccupy.net.


Q: Do you plan to assign delegates to table at statewide and regional conferences?

A: No. IO is not a representational force, it is a venue to offer communication opportunities to the people and groups involved in the movement.


Q: Do you have information packs that we can share with our local Occupy or GA?

A: Not at the moment, but if you’re interested in learning more about IO or Committees of Correspondence and how to establish one in your local Occupy or GA, please email info@interoccupy.net and we will get you started.


Q: Do you sponsor regional call-in events via Occupy Cafe?

A: We handle all requests for sponsorship and promotion on a case by case basis. To date, Occupy Cafe has not made a request of us to co-sponsor.






Q: How many people use IO?

A: The total number of callers we have hosted is roughly in the area of 4500 people since December 2011. As of mid-March, 1800 of those 4500, have opted in to receive regular notices of our calls. The number grows every week.


Q: How do you opt in?

A: You can sign up to get weekly notices of our call by requesting an invitation to join InterOccupy Announcements Google Group. This group does not permit emails from members, so the volume is very, very low.


Q: Where are IO users from?

A: Currently most of our call participants are in the United States or Canada. However, there has been some experimenting with international calls. A subgroup, or working group, is actively working to improve the international availability.


Q: Are you planning any in-person events?

A: While IO does not organize such events, call participants are working on several in-person meetings and events by region and topical points of solidarity. The InterOccupy Calendar will give you the most comprehensive perspective aiding call choices you are most interested in. http://interoccupy.net/calendar/




Privacy Policy


Q: What happens with my information once I register for a call?

A:  Your email sits on the registration list for the call your signed up for. Maestro automatically sends you a reminder of your call 8 hours prior to the call. IO will invite you to opt-in to ourInterOccupy Announcements Only Google Group to get weekly notifications of our upcoming calls. This group does not permit emails from members, so the volume is very very low. Other than that, your email will not be used in any way unless you give your permission to stay in touch with others on your call.


Q: Do you share my email address with anyone?

A: Absolutely not. Your privacy and protection are of the utmost importance to us. We have a very strict policy that your information will not be shared with anyone unless you give direct permission to the call facilitator who is running your call.






Q: Do you have any specific goals?

A: Our goals include: broadening the communication available to the movement network, facilitating communication empowerment through training courses and outreach buddies, offering models, as well as modes of experimentation, for best practices in conference call dialogue, horizontal decision making and communication network building within that framework.






Q: Is IO transparent?

A: Yes. All of our notes and call recordings are posted on the website.


Q: Are all calls recorded?

A: Yes.


Q: Is every call obligated to post their minutes and call recordings?

A: No. While we hope that all calls will agree to let us post their minutes and recordings in observance of the movement’s principles of transparency, we understand that some calls need to withhold their notes and recordings for the safety of individuals and the integrity of their project(s).