OK, So what is 7sixteen56?

FIRST: 7sixteen56 is the moment Trayvon Martin left this earth to walk with Angels.

SECOND: 7sixteen56 is us!

This is REAL grassroots, There is no machinery behind us here. Individually we may feel helpless not knowing how we can act or what we can do to truly make our voices heard. However from this moment on, TOGETHER, we are STRONG and our voices will be heard in this struggle to save our children. This is 7sixteen56.

THIRD: 7sixteen56 is about Action! Strategic Non Violent Action on a Local and National Level. WE are dedicate to:

  1. raising awareness to our concerns and
  2. being an instrument in effecting change for those concerns.

FOURTH: 7sixteen56 welcomes all persons of good will who seek an America that values ALL of it’s citizens. We are here to END INJUSTICES not create new ones! Those who seek only to be a disruptive or destructive influence will be immediately blocked. As we move forward and discuss possible future actions, there many be differences of opinions from time to time. All interactions between us shall be done with RESPECT.

SO!! That is 7sixteen56. Now, what is our immediate plan?

Our immediate plan is to take small actions that others have not considered, which can be done comfortably from wherever we are, yet have a powerful national impact.

The first action is simply to take the moment of Trayvon’s passing – 7:16:56 – and burn it into the public consciousness. This is Phase 1!